Spam in the NROC Community

Although we take extensive measures to prevent spam, occasionally someone will manage to send a mass message to all users via the NROC Community.

When this happens, NROC staff become aware of the problem almost instantly and take immediate measures to respond. We usually ban and delete the user within a few minutes or hours. However, you will still see the message the spammer sent in your inbox at the Community (as well as in your personal email), since the message was already sent.

Please note that being "spammed" is not the same as being "hacked". Hackers aim to compromise servers with malicious intent, such as to insert code or gain access to personal information. Spammers (and "scammers") are trying to get people to click on links to buy products or share their personal information.  Spam and scams come by email or forum messages, whereas hacking happens at the system level and users are not typically contacted.

Opening a message from a spammer or scammer is not dangerous. However, clicking on links in the message would be unadvisable. 

When you get a message from a spammer at the NROC Community, you can safely delete the message from your Community inbox and your email. No further action is required on your part.

We appreciate your patience with this matter. 

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